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Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

O noua moda - posibil o noua provocare pe masura trecerii vremii si schimbarii legilor . Cei care se cred urmasii lui Robin Hood au acum un thread special pentru ei .

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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde blackcrotal pe 01 Mar 2015, 12:54

Falke scrie:Draga Razvan.Nu te cunosc dar imi place punctul tau de vedere,referitor la comparatia intre vanatoarea cu arma si cea cu arcul.Se vede ca ai experienta si ai studiat problema.Nu stiu cat te pricepi la oameni dar consider ca ai exagerat spunand ca un vanator cu arcul este un nebun,dar te-ai apropiat spunand ca este un poet care vrea sa admire natura.Pentru unii oameni nu conteaza cantitatea ci calitatea.Sa nu rapim unor oameni trairile si experientele, care doresc sa-si etaleze abilitatile de vanator cu arcul,pentru faptul ca nu vor putea tinti la 150 metri.Sigur nu vor avea rezultatele unui vanator cu arma,dar frumusetea vietii sta in diferente si detalii iar satisfactiile le vor avea si unul si celalalt.Numai bine.

Draga Falke, Atunci cand am spus ca un vanator cu arcul este un nebun am omis sa pun ghilimele de rigoare.
Deci fraza ar trebui sa fie citita cam in genul acesta :
Un vanator cu arcul este este un "nebun" etc., etc., etc.,.
Pentru mine un "nebun" este un ARTIST, un POET , un VISATOR care traieste in afara timpului sau. In principiu toti adevaratii vanatori fac dupa parerea mea din aceasta categorie indiferent ca au in mana o arma de foc, un arc , o manusa de soimar sau un aparat de fotografiat.
Ei se duc in natura pentru ca sa-si spele sufletul de murdaria cotidiana care ne agreseaza din toate partile .
Din pacate vanatoarea cu arma a fost infestata ca si pescuitul de traistari si macelari care isi cumpara cea mai scumpa arma fara sa aiba habar la ce se foloseste dar care il face "bulibasa" in ochii celor apropriati lui avand aceasi valoare intrinseca ca si lantul de aur gros cat degetul de la picior care atarna de gatul lui cu 3 gusi .
Asa vad eu ce este in jurul meu si imi dau seama ca sunt un nebun visator care tot mai sper la insanatosirea societatii .
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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde Falke pe 07 Mar 2015, 21:21

Sunt de accord in totalitate cu acest punct de vedere.Eu am observat nuanta cu poietul si mi-am dat seama ca lipsesc ghilimelele.Multumesc pentru precizare.Unii intradevar doresc sa compenseze lipsa de performanta cu ceva in plus ,fata de vanatorii bine inzestrati de natura in adevaratul sens al cuvantului.Numai bine.
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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde sekler pe 09 Mar 2015, 11:37

Explanatory document regarding bow hunting on Åland (Finland)
Åland is an autonomous region of Finland, we have our own government but we share many laws with Finland. In 2006 legislation was passed which permits bow hunting on the Alandic Islands. The process took about three years to complete. Most of the work was done by the Alandic bow hunting association together with European Bow hunting Federation (EBF). The government had little or no experience regarding bow hunting so the above organizations developed a package/suggestion on how bow hunting should be conducted and regulated. This package was then presented to the government and then served as the base for the new law (Jaktförordning ASF_2006_70).
The below document explains the law and it’s paragraphs on how Åland governs bow hunting, at the end there are notes on how this is working here today as well as pros and cons of the different paragraphs.
Chapter 3; Hunting with bow and arrow
7 §. Allowed game
All game (regulated by the primary hunting law) except moose can be harvested with bow and arrow.
8 §. The bow
When hunting with bow and arrow bows using a reducing pulley system (compound) as well as traditional bows (recurve and longbow) can be used. The bow/arrow must generate the minimum of 40 joules (E0) of impact energy which is calculated using the following formula ( E0=0,5.m.v02 )
E0 = The arrows movement energy in Joule.
M= The arrow weight in Kg (grams)
V0 = The arrow speed in meter per second
When hunting with bow and arrow no system that allows for more than one projectile at a time or any devices allowing for pretention of the string is allowed.
9 §. The arrow
The total weight of the arrow must have a minimum weight of 25 grams or more.
10 §. Arrow head (broad head)
The arrow head should generate immediate death up on impact (10-12 seconds). It shall have the minimum of 2 blades with sharp edges and a cutting diameter of 25 millimeter or more.
11 §. Demands for knowledge of the bow hunter
The hunter needs to possess a valid Alandic hunting permit (as for all hunting ) , he also needs a valid education of bow hunting ( IBEP and/or Danish bow hunter education or equivalent) The hunter should also conduct a yearly proficiency test where he can show the shooting skills as well as the regulated equipment. (More on this below)
The above is the core of the regulating law, as said all game except moose may be harvested with bow and arrow, there are no exceptions to this I.e. we cannot hunt other game than any traditional hunter can, nor can we hunt “off season” the bow hunter must follow the main hunting laws set by the government.
On Åland and Finland the bow is not classified as a weapon, therefore no license/permits are required to buy or possess a bow. Crossbows are not allowed and not mentioned in this law.
The yearly proficiency test
This test is conducted yearly and have two parts
First the arrow is weighed with the broad head on to ensure the weight is =< 25 grams, then the hunter shoots an arrow thru a chronograph which measures the velocity of the projectile, the data is calculated and noted in the protocol.
Second part is the actual shooting test, the hunter need to shoot at six targets at various and unknown distances and score five approved hits on the target. The targets can be 3D targets or posters of any local game that will be hunted, the distances varies from 8-25 meters. The test is equal to any type of bow or hunter. Some might say that longbow or recurves should have a shorter distance to the targets however we elected not to differentiate for those bows, equality in the test is crucial for its credibility.
Ones the hunter has passed all the above tests an official document/proof of this given to the hunter, this document should be in the hunter’s possession during the hunt.
The yearly test is conducted by a examiner approved by the government, all equipment, documents and targets are paid for by the government, there is also a fee for this test which goes to the examiner for the work.
All records are then sent to the government for archiving.
We also have a statistic form that any bow hunter need to fill out if they released an arrow on a game, this comprehensive form is to get a good long term record on how bow hunting is progressing on Åland, it’s mandatory to send it to the government in due time, the data is not used to prosecute the hunter in any way or form just a data collection for statistics. (I can provide details on this form if required)
The bow hunting on Åland has worked flawless since 2006 and due to Åland being a small country the logistics of the above works perfectly, how to or if it’s implemented in a larger region/country one needs to organize the test in a working way and I recommend that time is spent on this, there
are only benefits from this kind of regulation and it keeps the hunter well practiced before any hunting is conducted, this shows that bow hunters are willing to be in the fore ground of hunting and shows that they possess the good standards that any hunter should live by.
One can of course opt to not have these tests if the logistics around it becomes too difficult (Denmark for example are looking at that currently since the number of bow hunters has grown over the years).
If there are other questions, feel free to ask me and I can help
Best Regards
Roger Pettersson
President Alandic bowhunting association
Vice president EBF
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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde blackcrotal pe 09 Mar 2015, 13:57


Thank you very much for your presentation Roger.
You told very interesting and useful things.
Unfortunately in Romania bow hunting is completely forbidden by law. We have instead a number of people interested in this kind of hunting, were lectured IBEP (INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM BOWHUNTING) and is already receiving international patent Romans IBEP.
And there Romans bow hunters who were hunting in neighboring countries where bow hunting is allowed.
Experience archery hunters in Åland (Finland) is very good for us and you use (if you allow us) and informative tips sent to you when and Romania will be allowed to hunt with a bow.
Until then, please receive and transmit all your friends, archery hunters in Åland our friendly greetings.
Mihai Constantin
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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde timexim pe 10 Iun 2015, 03:43

Am văzut in noul proiect de lege ca se interzice in mod expres atât vânătoarea cu arcul cat si accesul cu arcurile in fondul de vânătoare. Credeți ca mai este posibil sa se schimbe ceva in acest sens? Sau este prea târziu...
8 x 68 e tata lor ...
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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde Ghinda pe 10 Iun 2015, 07:43

Niste tembeli. Este tarziu acum! Nu o sa ne mai revenim, cu astia pe care ii votam de tampiti mereu!
Nu te certa niciodata cu un prost. S-ar putea cei din jur sa nu vada diferenta...
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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde sekler pe 03 Iul 2015, 13:49

Sunt curios ce se va intampla cu familiile care din agrement trag cu copii pe langa o padure sau pe camp daca acest camp din intamplare este si fond de vanatoare . Oi fi si ei braconieri cu acte in regula ,cu arcuri de putere slaba si sageti de nuie...
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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde SAMURAI pe 03 Iul 2015, 15:23

In Tara asta nu ne mai mira nimic ! Cel Putin Eu am trecut de faza aia ! In data de 25-26 iulie se face un alt Curs pentru vanatorii cu arcul !( IBEP ) doritori sint rugati sa sune la nr de tel 0740978926 cu Stima Attila Szabo reprezentantul Romaniei pe plan European in vanatoarea cu arcul ,," .Eu zic ca merita ai numai de invatat !si cu acel brevet puteti vana in tarile unde se vaneaza cu arcul .
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Re: Asociatia Vanatorilor cu Arcul din Romania

Mesajde SPV13R pe 27 Ian 2019, 12:27

As fi si eu i teresat de cursul cu arcul si de asemenea de inscrierea in asociatie daca mai este posibil.
Va multumesc
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